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New Economy In Progress

The future is now. Development of smart technologies transforms worldwide industries, resulting in new business models, labour and demographic challenges. Business leaders and government representatives need to rethink their strategies to promote both productivity and growth. As all countries, Slovakia needs to decide how to respond the digital revolution – are we on board or do we risk being left behind? What needs to be done?

We are inviting: CEOs, Stakeholders, Directors, Senior Executives, Site Leaders, Strategy Makers, Entrepreneurs, Media Leaders, Government Representatives, Industry Leaders, Investors, Change and Crisis Managers, Senior Management Teams, Chambers Of Commerce, University Leaders and all the Future Enthusiasts.
Especially welcomed are: Start-Ups, Professional Associations, Service and Solution Providers, Dedicated Media and everyone interested.

APRIL 2, 2019

Technologies Shaping The Future

Innovation is the key of successful future. Enter the place for leading Artificial Intelligence solutions and related technologies to discuss it from all important points of view: business, science, ethics, legal, entertainment and future. Our speakers will also take part in stimulating discussions, such as what should be done to strengthen Slovakia´s innovation ecosystem?
All industries are in information business, whether they want to be or not – as the speed of data is the new currency for business. Industrial leaders are raising awareness about 4IR (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) while facing the challenges of implementing its core principles. Get involved and see the future of manufacturing from leading experts - we are bringing real 4.0 case studies and selection of smart products made in Slovakia.

WE ARE INVITING: Innovation Pioneers, Information and Telecommunication Technology Leaders, Automotive & Manufacturing Companies, Banking & Financial Institutions and all the Knowledge Based Industries: CIOs, CTOs, AI & R&D Experts, Site Leaders, Process Owners, Strategy & Innovation Teams, Lean Leaders, Quality Management & Operational Excellence Teams, Product Designers and Entrepreneurs.
Especially welcomed are: Related Start-Ups, Solution and Service Providers, Government, Academy, Professional Associations, Dedicated Media and everyone interested.


APRIL 3, 2019

Taking Business To The Next Level

Global trends are highlighting a significant consumer, information and communication changes that will impact organisations over the upcoming decade. EXCELLENCE MARATHON Conference offers a compelling program that will explore how data analytics mixed with visionary leadership create excellence frameworks and will be critical for business across all sectors. Our expert speakers will share ideas and case studies how to manage and adapt to customer centred environment and stay relevant in the changing world.

We are inviting: Business Strategy Creators, Key Digital Players, Data Analytics Gurus & Enthusiasts, Customer & User Experience Leaders, FinTech Leaders Product Managers & Teams, Process Owners, Commercial Directors, Sales Leaders & Teams, Operations Managers and Site Leaders, HR Leaders, Learning and Development Experts, Professional Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals.
Especially welcomed are: Senior Management Teams and Team Leaders across all segments, Related Start-Ups, Solution and Service Providers, Government, Academy, Professional Associations, Dedicated Media and everyone interested.

APRIL 4, 2019

Customers vs Employees: Who is the King?

Companies who want to remain on the top, can´t afford for HR and marketing to work in silos anymore. Technology, especially social media has dramatically changed both worlds. Suddenly, customers are recognised to be not only consumers but also potential employees. Employees, on the other hand play an essential role acting as voice of the company´s brand promise. When EVP meets USP. As we all know, differentiation of the brand is the key to every strategic initiative that leading companies must cultivate. Speaking of marketplace, the blurring line between HR´s number one priority - Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and marketing´s top notch delivery driver - Unique Selling Proposition (USP), has undoubtedly overtook both of their individual strategies. The cycle of switching brands, of both customers and employees, is made easier every day and game changer in terms of brand promise is now crucial more than ever.

We are inviting: Chief HR Officers, Regional HR Leaders, HR Managers, Learning and Development Teams, Compensation & Benefits Experts, Employee Well – Being Specialists, Employee Engagement Gurus, Talent & Recruitment Teams, HR Business Partners and Employer Branding Enthusiasts.
Marketing Directors, Content Leaders, Social Media Gurus, Brand Strategy Makers, Creative Directors, Media Players, PR Leaders, Brand Managers & Account Teams, Product Marketing Specialists, Digital Teams & Online Evangelists, Customer and Employee Experience Teams, Commercial Directors & Sales Teams.
Especially welcomed are: Senior Management Teams across all segments, Hiring Managers, Related Start-Ups, Solution And Service Providers, Government, Academy, Professional Associations, Dedicated Media and everyone interested.